How Do You Like Your Group Photographs?

Often, you can get an idea of what a photographer is used to, or comfortable doing, by looking at their portfolio. It does help, though, if you know what you’re looking for. I’d love to know which style you like better!

If you are looking to get group photographs, they could be for your family or office or wedding, it’s good to know what kind of options are out there! Here are two very different photographers: Michele Celentano and Scott Robert Lim. Celantano appears more traditional: she shows simple grouping with her subjects close together. Her images have beautiful lighting and colourful backdrops with lots of texture. On the other hand, Lim’s photographs are more diverse with subjects at varying distances, diverse poses and active looks.

First up is Celantano’s video where she tells other photographers how she produced her images in a seminar format, sharing some detail about why she likes certain backdrop content.

Next, Lim does the same, explaining the difficulties of posing larger groups and all the run-around that he gets.

Well, now that you have an idea of just how differently two photographers might photograph groups, which do you like better?

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