About Me


I’m Kyle David Rooyakkers, a photographer in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

This website, albeit poorly designed at the moment, is where I share my work, interests and advertisements. I try my best to keep it organized.

I try to find good causes that can use my help, like the volunteer run, not-for-profit Pioneer Park Panthers hockey program where I take photographs of kids and coaches in the hopes that they will be able to use my images to gather more support.

I’m moving away from family and children photography, which I have been involved with for the last two to three years, and directing myself towards small business people and artists for headshots and profile development. I will take on some family work — if you’re my friend, if I like you, or if you really twist my arm — but I would like to concentrate on developing my journalistic and public relations skills.

My aim through my work is to meet people, to connect people, and to support those that I believe are a benefit to the community, big or small.

Please, get in touch!