An Incredible Insight into Photography both Modern and Vintage-Not-Forgotten

This video shows off amazing photographs and offers an inside-look with commentary from the professional photographers themselves.


This Week In Photo podcast/vlog/whatchamacallit Behind the Shot with Steve Brazill closes its first year with a compilation of the incredible works by over 20 photographers featured through 2017. In this closer video each image is re-visited in full screen and accompanied by a bite-sized chunk of Brazill’s interview with the photographer.

In the full version videos from this series you may be amazed by a stunning aurora image captured with little to no digital processing (it could have been captured with film,) the determination of a backpacking film photographer and the complexity of a rebellious capture of a museum space made from many hundreds of photographs stitched together.

Put your phone down and load up the biggest screen you have, I know from following for the later part of this year that some of these photographs have a lot of detail!